Waarom jouw ontwikkelaars klanten zouden moeten ondersteunen

With most starters is to support customers with the task of all. Even if the middle of the night, it is not surprising when you see the CEO or CTO offer technical assistance to customer queries. It helps them to learn a lot – about their product, their customers and the industry in which they are traveling – and help lessons they make important decisions. But as the company grows and gets a dedicated support team, the importance is forgotten that every employee in contact with the customer.

Therefore we said when we launched CEOonSupport that supporting customers CEOs give a reality check. And since everyone in the company ultimately exists to serve customers, each employee is needed reality check. The CEO, CTO, product managers, sales department … even the developers.

As developers start supporting customers

The idea to support developers clients is not new. Technical support teams who are concerned to address the needs of the clients, issues and fix bugs have been around for a long time.

But we are not talking about technical support … we are talking about the programmers who build functions. An experienced developer is a great asset to the support team, even if only occasionally be seen on the department.



But how does that work for the developers? Is helping customers add value for them? How is this “reality check” to ensure that they are better at their jobs? Would not it be better to spend the time they are busy spending on customer service to develop new features?

When questioned but kept piling up, we took our own developers Freshdesk. Most of them are in turn a week customer service, and they told with pleasure why they get pleasure from the work on customer service.

This is why developers clients should support.

They’re going to see the bigger picture

Almost every developer with whom we spoke had this at the top of his list. The work on the customer service helps to make the product inside and outside to know.

When a product comes to fruition, developers begin to lock himself in a booth and to focus on additional features that build them. They do not always have the time or the knowledge to think of the place it occupies in the total product. Only when they spend time in the support department they get a complete picture of the product and the location of their designed function at all.

Spending time on the support department also helps developers understand the entire code base. Once a developer has sat on the support department, they are better equipped to identify creases in your code – that of the product areas that may suffer if you modify a line of code. It also goes back to the way they build their functions; they learn how to add more features to grow.

Their coding and debugging skills are honed

The work on the support section allows developers to expose code written by experienced developers. Developers who the first, most important bits of the product are built. At the same time they learn what the weaker links in the code base working against the performance of the app.

Developers-on support Sridhar text

And they can use technologies that they would not normally use. For example, an iOS developer who could get customers reports surfaced for a customer, went to work with Amazon Redshift which those reports were hosted. Not only was this a welcome change for her daily routine, but it also gave her the opportunity to learn something new.

If a developer spends time on the support department, he will surely be better:

1. Remembering the bugs they have repaired and to avoid the same mistake in their function

2. The follow-up after their function has been produced, and the viewing of the error-logs

3. Figuring out the rare cases in which their function falters and solve them

It’s a boost for their morale

People do not often get the chance to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. Support not only allows developers to do things they have never done before, but it also provides a new perspective – on the product, the customers and their work in general.

Not to mention the huge boost in moral. Developers rarely get to see their built functions to work. They rarely get feedback from customers in, day-out use the product daily. And when they can spend time in the support department, every grateful customer tastes like an ice cream on a hot summer day.

Developers-on-support-Venky text


Our developers gift nook how much fun they have had with their college in the support department. They see the way support staff talk with customers and the way they divide complex problems into small chunks. It’s just a break from their daily routine.

But they all admitted that the most important lesson of all was the realization date r so many different types of customers with different terms and conditions from various industrial areas with different levels of understanding of the product. The realization that what is obvious to them is not always obvious for someone else.


You should try this

Developers who spend time on the support department is a win-win situation for all involved. Not only are they very useful for support staff, and ultimately customers, but it also reads back into the product itself.

So, to begin, prober two more developer time to bring your support department for x hours a day. You do not have to put on the firing line. Nobody wants untrained employees to talk to customers. they work in the background and let them deal with difficult issues from that position.